Public speaking for professional, as mandatory skill for success

Communication Apr 26, 2021
M. Soleh Al Hakim - Trainer di PasarTrainer

There was once story that a staff could not promote to higher level since he can’t speak about himself in front of the promotion committee. The result was he must develop a skill that could improve his speaking in front of the audience, which is Public speaking.

The story above gave a moral message to us that we must prepare our self to an unpredictable situation, but we already have the skill even in small circumstances. Public speaking skill is common skill but need further practice in different style. Public speaking requires flare and style that overcome the speakers’ agitation and stage frights. In reality, it is more often for professionals to face hostile or demanding audiences.

Public speaking ranges from formal speeches to everyday business presentations, where it demands the ability to present concepts, to develop goal orientations, as well the ability to differentiate between oral and written communications.

The success key of public speaking for Professional:

  1. You know deeply about your work, your job & your task.
  2. You update and understand about business and Nation news.
  3. You like to express your opinion to your friends, your family and your society.
  4. You realize that the skill is good for your future and career.
  5. You write everything you need to speak and it’s fine if you want to use it in front of the audience.

Why do professionals still fear of Public speaking?

  1. Because they feel unsecure when so much people who watch & attention them focus and curious. The audience will be attracted by a speaker both good or nervous in front of them. The more you good in speaking, the audience will interest to you till finish but the opposite, the audience will have pity feeling to you and you will fail to convince what in your mind.
  2. The speaker never prepares the topic or material for speak
  3. The speaker doesn’t have good self-confident; they think about physic, about performance that audience never judge for the speaker.

Why do professionals must have skill in Public speaking?

1.      Grab audients’ heart

No matter the crowd in front of you — whether at a social gathering, business meeting or large audience at a conference — being able to speak publicly is a very important asset. With public speaking skills and experience, speakers are able to captivate the interest of their listeners and keep them interested in order to deliver the message.

2. Inspire the Listener

Public speakers inspire their listeners to make a change. It could be to stop or start something, try something new, or reach their goals. Public speaking is important skill because the speaker can inspire others to go in the direction they wish, and the speaker can make others to be their best selves.

3. Influence People

When you have information to share, you don’t want it to be portrayed in a boring way. You want people to listen! This is done with good and practiced public speaking skills. Influence people about something that matters by using great public skills and they will be sure to listen and be more likely to understand the information. Like story telling we deliver to children or adult.

What do professionals get if they have skill in Public speaking?

1.      Good Career Path

When you are a good in speaking, you will be more comfortable in interviews, presentations, meetings, discussion be better able to sway others in your favor, and convince the management to know you and  give you a great chance to promote your career.

2.      Sales & Marketing

In S&M, you will meet many customers from different background of Education, Social & Levels. You can convince them with your skill to generate the sales revenue or grab new customers.

3. Shine bright like a Diamond

The one who famous with the public speaking skill in organization once they will have confidence and putting them in spotlight of work.

4. Bring others to join the club

Once someone could deliver Public speaking in such good way, the other team members will feel the confidence sense and encourage them to speak their mind up and become great team to the company.

5. Charismatic Leader

A Charismatic leader is someone that people go to for ideas, consult on problems, and more. Being a good public speaker makes you that person and will get you ahead in your job when people know they can come to you.

Public speaking is one of the most effective ways to get your message across. With public speaking, you can influence the world around you. If you see something that needs to change, use public speaking to change it!

When you are good at it and practice often, the benefits of public speaking are many. Being an excellent public speaker is important for your career, social life, personal development, and for making a change in the world.

M. Soleh Al Hakim - Trainer di PasarTrainer

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